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Basil Basileus Bartholomew Balthasar Brant-Blake
Aliases Brennus
Alignment Vigilante
Group Brennus Team
Rank Founder and de facto Leader
Nationality Unknown
Family Amy Blake
Power Classification Gadgeteer - 7/5 (Estimated)
Threat Rating A
First Appeared Prologue [1]
Last Appeared Unknown

Basil Basileus Bartholomew Balthasar Brant-Blake is the main character of the Blazing Stars Trilogy.

His cape name is Brennus and Basil maintains a secret identity. He acts as vigilante.

Basil's girlfriend Prisca Fion, who is in on his secret about being a superhero.

Abilties Edit

Gadgeteer - 7/5 (Estimated)

History Edit

Provide overarching history including recent canon events.

Personality Edit

Likes providing exposition, and is often times blind to certain interpersonal interactions.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Relationships Edit

Prisca/GilgulBasil's girlfriend and teammate.

Amy/Mindstar - Basil's older sister.

Vasiliki/Hecate - Teammate of Basil.

Dalia/Tyche - Teammate of Basil.

Tim - Basil's childhood friend.

Aimihime/Bakeneko - Basil's childhood friend.

Eudocia - Basil's AI 'daughter'. Built by Macian.

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