Description Edit

Bree Whitaker is the first daughter of Lady Light and The Dark, she is the one of the few publicly known S+ metahumans. She is considered to be more a force of nature than a person by most, and appears seemingly at random, destroying indiscriminately.

Abilities Edit

Wildcard. Typically uses three powers in addition to her desolation field, which become more powerful over time, if she is not forced to switch her powers.

Adonis? Unclear, due to pre-birth manifestation.

History Edit

She teleported out of her mother's womb, and immediately began her legacy of destruction, starting with Los Angeles. She is responsible for an unknown, but immense number of casualties.

Notable Appearances:  Edit

  • Los Angeles (First Appearance, killed The Protector)
  • Old Lennston (Killed her older sister, Diantha, the incident which resulted in the rebuilding into New Lennston and the creation of Diantha High)
  • Okinawa Island (Sunk the island. Notably, flinched due to a paper bomb made by a supervillian known as Hannabi the 12th or 15th, unclear)
  • Moscow (First appearance mention in the Blazing Stars)
  • New Lennston (Appeared in the air above Basil and Vasiliki, who were sitting on a park bench. Not yet resolved)

Appearance Edit

Long hair reaching far past her feet, apparently extremely beautiful.

Personality Edit

Unclear, possibly more intelligent than often given credit for.

Relationships Edit

Lady Light - Mother

The Dark - Father

Diantha Whitaker - Half-Sister

Irene Diana Whitaker/Gloom Glimmer - Younger Sister

Aaron/Aap Oordra - Half Brother (The Dark)