Irene Diana Whitaker
Aliases Gloom Glimmer
Alignment Hero
Group UJH New Lennston
Rank Member
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown
Family The Dark(Father)

Lady Light(Mother) Desolation-In-Light(Sister) Diantha Whitaker(Half-Sister) Aap Oordra(Half Brother)

Power Classification Meta
Threat Rating Unknown
First Appeared B002 Rising Stars (Part 1)
Last Appeared Unknown

Description Edit

Gloom Glimmer, civilian name Irene Diana Whitaker is a member of the UJH New Lennston and daughter of Lady Light and The Dark.

Abilities Edit

As a Meta, Gloom Glimmer's power seems to shift with a will of its own, giving her powers that prioritize her safety for the most part, though it seems to listen to her sometimes. It seems to act in a similar fashion to Desolation-in-Light's power, though the exact details are unknown and difficult to verify.

History Edit

Born January 1st 2000, her body matured significantly faster than others.

Personality Edit

Significantly skewed, and occasionally altered by her powers, Gloom Glimmer's personality is somewhat unstable. It is noted that she seems like "Something that learned to act human". Notably, Basil and Polymnia do not seem to notice this.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Relationships Edit

Lady Light - Mother

The Dark - Father

Diantha Whitaker - Half-Sister

Desolation-In-Light - Older Sister

Aaron/Aap Oordra - Half-Brother

Polymnia - Friend and Teammate

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