Enhancing powers, dampening powers, nullifying powers, bestowing powers, mimicking them stealing them, acquiring them on the fly… in short, all powers that deal with powers fall under the Meta classification. As a rule of thumb, a Meta power always affects/steals/copies/acquires powers one tier below its own.

Example of Tiers Edit

God Tier - Dajisi: Capable of mimicking up to four Apex level abilities at a time, or raising lesser powers up to that level.

Transcendent Tier - DiL and Gloom Glimmer

Arise due to Edit

A common theme of triggers that result in Meta powers is that of being exposed to other powers in a pervasive way - for example, if you have been controlled by another metahuman for a long time, and trigger while still under their influence, or some such. Also possible is a lack of trigger themes, an emptiness that needs to be filled in, somehow.