New Lennston is built on the ruins of Old Lennston, and is the location of most events that take place in the Blazing Stars.

Location Edit

Unclear, though it is known to be on the west coast of N. America, in the U.S.A.

Points of Interest: Edit

Harbor Area Edit

The location of Brennus' first mission, as well as where he first meets Tyche and Hecate. This area of the city is a common site for metahuman conflicts, and has been deteriorating for decades.

Somewhere in the harbor area, is the Mysterious Warehouse, which Brennus discovered on his above-stated first mission by falling through the roof.

Diantha High Edit

The school which Basil, Tim, Aimihime, Vasiliki and Dalia attend.

UJH New Lennston Edit

The branch of the UJH in New Lennston.

Goldshcmidt Family Mansion Edit

The location of Point Zero. Sat on a cliff above the sea. (May or may not have been destroyed in the aftermath)