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Prisca is the descendant of a fairly wealthy New Lennston family.

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Prisca is a spawner. She is reliant on a 'Charge' that she charges by staying awake, but slowly deteriorates. While Gilgul, she is immune to mind control, and is practically unkillable, though surviving various things eats up her charge. She can also use her charge to make her spear cut through almost anything.

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Physical Appearance (No Cape/Cowl): Edit

Often described as a 'Scarecrow', Prisca is forever crippled by the Hawaii Incident, caused by Dusu. She has dull red hair, and, while excessively weak, would not let her muscles atrophy, keeping her somewhat healthy, though even a mild scare could end her life.

Cape/Cowl Costume: Edit

Gilgul wears golden armour and a wields a golden spear. Beneath the armour, she appears as an idealized version of her self, possibly due to an unusually applied physique.

Relationships Edit

Basil/BrennusBoyfriend and teammate of Prisca.

Dalia/TycheTeammate of Prisca.

Vasiliki/HecateTeammate of Prisca.

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