The United Heroes is a team of Heroes formed around the core group of the Shining Guardians shortly before the Second World War. The group was originally formed to assist and coordinate America's superheroes and is run by an elected board of directors. During World War Two the group expanded internationally as an independent organization. Presently, the United Heroes have five divisions, one for each continent except for Australia and Antarctica, each lead by one of the current members of the Shining Guardians.

History: Edit

The United Heroes were founded shortly before the outbreak of World War II, as America’s heroes had to face the reality that they just couldn’t operate independently anymore and hope to survive – much less make a lasting change for the better.

Formed around the core that was and still is the first and most famous team of superheroes, the Shining Guardians (assembled first in ’26 by Lady Light) and under the leadership of Lady Light and an elected board of directors, they soon spread beyond America into Canada, Mexico and West Europe, and attained international recognition as an independent organisation during World War II.

Members: Edit

Adult Division: Edit

Doc Feral & the Feral Family (North American Division Leader)

Quetzalcoatl (South American Division Leader)

Fleur (European Division Leader)

Severence (African Division Leader)

Lung Moo (Asian Division Leader)

New Lennston Team: Edit

Amazon/Jessica Smithson (Captain of New Lennston Heroes)

Rounds/Percy Norton

Ursa Gemini/Marcus



Bismuth/Rosalie Fion

Junior Heroes: Edit

New Lennston Team Edit


Tartsche (Captain of New Lennston Junior Heroes)


Gloom Glimmer




Chicago Team Edit




Tin Can