Hello Viewers,

As this is a fairly new wikia dedicated towards The Blazing Stars Trilogy (Brennus) by Tieshaunn. I'm putting forward some projects and goals for this website.

My (CURRENT) Goals/Projects

  1. Create a Character Page, Format. I hope to have one in which we can copy down a certain set of catagories and information. For examples of one used in other Superpower Literacy please see Worm Wikia, found
  2. To completely write down all the classification groups in the Werdenfeld-Manning-System, (Spawner, Controller, Destroyer, Protector, Etc...), and to also create a list of the Old Cruse classifications and their basic meanings. We've already created a format and have applied it to 2 pages: Spawning & Control.
  3. To gather new admins for the Wiki.
  4. To create a Chapter by Chapter format with a basic summary of each chapter again look at: for a good example with their interlude project.
  5. To upload a banner to place at the top of the page, for the wiki.